Inspired by the French notion of “Art de Vivre,” àplat celebrates a culture of family and friendship, where socializing is more than a verb and generosity is a daily ritual. Made for food lovers, wine connoisseurs, chefs, bakers and outdoor enthusiasts, the àplat tote allows the moment of reveal to be a remarkable one.



Aplat Culinary Plat Wide Tote

Culinary Food Totes


Our best selling Culinary Totes carry dishes and desserts with sophistication and ease.

Aplat Grand Jardin Denim Tote

Garden and Flower Totes


The Grand Jardin Tote is our largest carryall for doubling up on casseroles or loading up at the farmers market.

Aplat Vin Horizontal Tote

Wine Totes


Our surplus denim and 100% organic cotton Vin Totes will last long after the wine is gone.


Bread Totes


The Poche á Pain will keep breads warm and fresh. Carry loaves in style with our latest pain tote.

Aplat 1% for the Planet Member

We just joined 1% for the Planet!

We recognize that we have a responsibility to our planet and are committed to creating a positive impact. That is why as a proud new member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales to nonprofits focused on environmental issues.

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Our Story

Àplat is a San Francisco-based company designing soft goods for people who care for what they cook, eat, drink and gift. For that we want our products to be simple and clever to carry, using organic and sustainable materials with the intent of elevating the delivery and sharing food experience.