Pronounced [ˈa-plˈa] in French, means “a surface of color” and “ for dishes” and “is flat.”


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Àplat transforms the simple act of sharing.

Àplat celebrates a culture of family and friendship, where socializing is more than a verb and generosity is a daily ritual... it's a way of life. Made for food lovers, wine connoisseurs, chefs, bakers and outdoor living enthusiasts, the àplat tote allows the moment of reveal to be a remarkable one.

The àplat tote is a simple way to carry plates, bowls, tarts, cakes, flowers and wine to dinner parties, picnics or any special occasion. Perfect for keeping large round "miche de pain" fresh in the tote.

The àplat tote transforms and presents deliciously prepared foods, thoughtfully selected wines and flowers from the garden into the perfect gift.


When we are closer to the manufacturing, we design differently. We design with empathy.

Àplat is a San Francisco-based company designing products that are smart, simple and beautifully crafted. Àplat products are sewn by women who care about the quality of each àplat bag. We design differently because what we care about most is the impact on our factory sewers and the environment. Each pattern, cut and stitch has been thoughtfully considered to reduce stress on physical labor and waste. Our farm-to-factory approach is aligned with Cradle to Cradle and B-Certified businesses that make quality products to last generations.


Farm to factory

  • 100% organic cotton canvas produced from environmentally friendly sustainable fibers
  • Low impact dyeing methods preserving the Earth's precious resources
  • Denim surplus from a local cut factory
  • Made in small batches to avoid overextending human resources
  • Committed to supporting local resources, labor and manufacturing

Zero waste

  • Every cut counts. 100% of the yard fabric is used resulting in zero waste
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging and shipping materials

Sustainable design

  • Origami design language eliminates need for hardware
  • A single cut pattern creates multiple products

  • Product dimensions fold into 8”x 8” squares for efficient shipping along with functional and purposeful features

  • Utilitarian, all season styles and color-ways
  • Repair and reuse

Made to last

  • Straps are sewn in load bearing areas and reinforced with bartack stitches
  • High-quality single needle sewing, reusable and washable



Designed for the modern foodie individual in mind to use any day of the week.

Aplat Founder, Shujan Bertrand

Aplat Founder, Shujan Bertrand

Founder Shujan Bertrand has created the brand in homage to her family lifestyle in France, which involves rituals of sharing locally farmed food and wine. 

"Before I put a product into production, I think a few decades ahead. Will people still love àplat fifty years into the future? What materials would best suit the earth, air, people and cultures? How will I be making culinary totes for my grandchildren? Creating something new yet timeless is my purpose. I strive for simple classic square shapes, but apply an origami volume approach to everything àplat carries. Above all, my purpose is about doing good, sharing good food & wine with good people, in comfort and style. Aplat designs care about tomorrow and finding ways to conserve and replenish limited resources and using them more wisely and efficiently.

We see a future where àplat will be found on a bike, in a car, at the farmers market, on a stroller... carrying flowers, wine, or an heirloom soup. The possibilities are vast and what we know for sure, is that people will rediscover the wealth in sharing and exchanging."

Read more about Shujan Bertrand's Founder Story

San Francisco-based industrial designer Shujan Bertrand draws inspiration from many cultures—from her Korean-American extended family, from her husband’s French heritage and her time in Provence, from her experience designing for global tech brands, and from the sustainability-focused culture of the Bay area. But her innovative collection of totes was born in an “a-ha” moment related to a gift of flowers, a universal gesture of kindness and expression of the simple, shared beauty of life.          
— Eric Jackson-Forsberg, November 2015 Interview

Support for our community

Àplat is committed to supporting local non-profits through collaborations, sponsorships and donations. Learn more about our partnerships.